So, it’s finally here. Alright, take a breath.

My first blog post. I’ll save everyone the eyeball resources of reading that I’ve always wanted to do this, never had the time or right motivation. I would however like to write about why I feel all the planets have aligned for this to happen.

1. I’m finally in the software industry! Or rather, I aligned myself with a job that is purely software based. I was getting a lot of traction and interest from companies who claim to sell software, however only a handful of hardware platforms are supported for production use. In other words, ‘we sell you software, but you can ONLY get support of this software by running hardware pizzabox X or Y that you could get by buying the hardware directly from the manufacturer. But, incidentally you can only get through us if you want production support.’

2. I’m finally committing some time to share some of my ideas with the world. I’m not a fan of facebook (although I do keep it for keeping in contact with people I’ve met in all walks of life), and I use LinkedIn (but that’s more for professional/resume type information). This blog is giving me the opportunity to reach out to the world about my tech endeavors, findings, learnings, and creations!

3. I’m finally designing my portfolio page! Blog posts are part of that. There are things that I’ve learned in the dark arts of field engineering and customer service that I’d not want to take to the grave…. whoa that got dark real quick.

4. I’m finally working at a company that doesn’t impose closed source, propietary operating systems as a norm for work laptops and machines! Nuggets of Linux and open source goodness to ensue, balancing open source desire and production requirements. Yay!

5. I’m finally creating code as part of my job! Yea! My boss has already asked me to write some things in Python to analyze the Bajillion metric TON-o-kilograms of data points from some measurement data for analyisis. I was able to set up some graphical view of the data, but more importantly the data has been decoded, parsed, and is ready to be served for yummy data science analysis consumption.


My plan for these blogs is to share with everyone my experiences and information about Linux, Python, Coding bootcamp experiences, javascript, Web Development, tech industry nuances, computer network know how, packet theory, OSI model concepts and application concepts, SDN experiences, and just life stuff in general.

As I wrote this previous statement, I feel the breadth of the posts will be limited or pruned to cover less. However, this is my first post. Cut me some slack!

My immediate goals are to learn a lot about technology. Specifically, my tech goals are to continue working and providing some semblance of professional code once in a while at the company of my employ, apply the dark arts of Solutions Engineering to prospective customers, finish the coding bootcamp that I started early November, and at some point get an RHCSA (that will lead to an RHCE).

Big goals, but I have always felt very happy learning and applying technology information to my everyday life.

On a personal side, I’d like to continue rock climbing. A hobby I picked up in May of this year. I’ve gotten OK at it (or rather, I don’t feel I suck as much), as I try to think as much as I can before hitting the route on the rock, focusing on exerting myself as little as possible. I pack a nice compact, but respectable, foodie gut, so exerting as little effort as possible, and using as much of my leg muscles as I can instead of my forearms, arms, and torso is good. It’s also a lot of fun, and looks pretty cool if you’re watching some climbing with good technique. Experienced climbers make it seem effortless.

In any case, I’m signing off for now. Have a great one! :D