This past Christmas weekend, I set up my first portfolio website, it’s up and running for the world to see! I also have pointing at it currently too! (more on setting up my custom domain in another post).

I was pleaseantly surprised how easy it was! I had some issues initially pointing at this page. Mainly because my github repo was called portfolio-io. Once I renamed the website to, it’s behavior was correct.

After that, it github automatically published the jekyll website that I had forked and modified to make my own from portfolio-iro. I’m quite surprised and feeling happy about how easy and seamless it was to setup.

Not only that, but this page tracks the master branch of the jekyll page that is hosted on my page!

I added a couple of analytics tags. I added google analytics tags, just to see what kind of traffic I’m attracting. Never had I previously thought the amount of analytics that a small website, that feels experimental right now, could be tracked.

In this website, there are tags from Cedexis. I currently work for them. We provide a service that allows website admins and companies to provide the best end user experience for the people who are accessing the website or web services.

There is an automated and customizable logic that can be created via javascript involved with what Cedexis does, but at it’s core, it anonymously collects data from the real web users and uses this information to make the best decision for the best quality of services to your website or web service.

More on this in another post wink wink. :D

For now, I’ll leave it at that, and will expand this in the following weeks.