Coffee loving, code writing, Scotch sipping, Linux enthusiast here! I consider myself a technological journeyman with a love for cycling, bouldering (at BKB), as well as an on again off again love for video games.

My favorite coffee bean is Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.

My preferred Linux distro is Debian Stable (though I’ve been around the block).

When it comes to Scotch, I tend to gravitate towards single malts with full flavor profiles of peat/smoke with hints of iodine, hence my favoring Scotches from the Islay region. In no particular order, my tried and true favorite Scotches are Laphroaig Quarter Cask, Lagavulin 16 year Single Malt, Port Charlotte Scottish Barley.

To round off the “favorites” topics with something code relevant, I enjoy writing in Python, chuffed at the lovely syntactic sugar of Ruby, appreciate the strictness of Java, and have weaned myself from abusing the permissiveness of Javascript.

Oh also bee-tee-dubz, I’ve got university degrees, recommendations, certificates, specializations, and continuous learning achievements and interests… if that’s what you’re into checking out.

Though life and adulting can be challenging, I try to make some time to get the blood flowing in the morning by cycling, running, and/or bouldering at the gym. Though recently don’t have a lot of personal alone time left over after all is said and done in the day, I am particularly fond of a sandbox space MMORPG called Eve Online recently. In a nutshell, I get to blow up internet spaceships for fun and have been part of huge space battles (pew pewz!).

Plans for the 2H of 2018 and 2019:

  1. Renew zipcar for road trips with friends and fam. National Parks, B&Bs, & local breakfast haunts to explore.
  2. Take up NYRR races again and train to run a half marathon.
  3. Start holding dinner parties at home.